Play To Fail

Is the pressure to win and play perfectly keeping you from even getting in the game? To truly find and play to your edge, you must be willing to fail. To become a master of anything, you must first become a master of failure. Mastery demands that you face inevitable struggles, failures, and mistakes. Mastery requires a craving for a challenge, and a willingness to try and risk falling short.

So many people get stuck before they even try for fear that they won’t do things perfectly. Caught in the trance of doubt, fear and uncertainty they become trapped in their own minds judging and comparing.

In their efforts to save themselves from the devastation of failure, their inaction ensures the very failure they have feared.

The conditions will never be perfect. There will always be risk. Challenges, hurdles and mistakes are inevitable. So what?

Ready to move forward? Sick of shrinking, hiding and playing it safe? Are you ready for aligned action? What are you are trying to muster up enough confidence to do? Chances are, you’ve inflated the task and are expecting too much, too fast. What is the smallest step forward?Go back to the basics. What must you master first?

Before a child learns to swim, they must first step into the water.

(One might argue, that before that, they need simply put on their swim suit with the intention of getting in the water).

It’s time to start showing up in your own life. To do this, you must get out of your frantic mind and into your body. Try. Fail. Repeat. You will fall short, you will make mistakes, you will lose, you will learn, you will grow, you will succeed. You will cultivate and gain confidence along the way.

Your Authentic Life awaits.

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You