Miracles hide in the most ordinary of moments… and we miss most of them.

I define a miracle as something that is unexplainable and mysterious. When a miracle is witnessed or experienced, it triggers an overwhelming sensation of wonder and awe. Miracles wake us up to a force greater than us at play in our own lives. They can’t be explained or justified with words and they happen in the most unexpected and improbable situations.

Just this morning, I nearly missed a miracle hiding in an ordinary moment.

I was standing at the kitchen counter lost in my own mind, stuck on the extensive and imaginary ‘to do list’ that was scrolling through my thoughts reminding me of how busy, behind, and overwhelmed I should be feeling.

Lost in the trance of doing and worrying, I didn’t even notice my husband standing patiently next to me waiting for a kiss before he left for work. Feeling annoyed by the idea of having to put down what I was doing for something that was NOT on my list, I reluctantly stopped, turned and looked up.

And there it was. A break in the madness. Truth shining through the clutter, noise and lies of my busy mind. He just stood there, his bright blue eyes waiting for me. Welcoming me back to life. He gave me a quick, soft kiss and said, “It’s going to be a really good day Malory.”  I kissed him back.

Simple. Fleeting. Ordinary. But I felt it. An unexpected, unexplainable thread of miracles rushing to the surface. The miracle of two human beings choosing to show up. To wait. To choose love.

A precious moment, I was convinced that I didn’t have time for, was the moment that reminded me what I am here for.

It is easy to miss the life that is right in front of us. Our brains are wired to search for and see the negative. We get sucked into the stories and tricks of the mind of how life is supposed to be. The fear, worry and doubt settles in, hijacking and distorting our realities. We forget that all of the goodness, abundance, love and safety that we are craving can truly only be found in the moment we are living in.

Life is waiting for us. The miracles are there. We need only be willing to stop, look up and step out of our busy mind, into our beautiful life.