A Story of A World That Loves

We celebrated our son Luka’s 7th birthday this month.

I often tell people that Luka is alive and who he is today because of the love that he has known.

I remember holding him for the first time the day he was born. As soon as the nurse handed him to me, he calmed and searched for my voice. Within moments of being born he was held so tenderly in love. As days followed, his sweet body would endure unimaginable trauma. Even when we could no longer touch him, hold him or even be in the same room as him, I know now more than ever how he was held in love the entire time.  

He was surrounded by a team of medical professionals, family, friends and strangers who were all fighting and praying that he might survive.

Our lives have been dedicated to creating a space for Luka that is filled with positive love, light and hope.  As naive as it may sound, I didn’t realize until recently, how we were also held in love.

My sister printed the contents of Luka’s caring bridge site into a book as a keepsake for our family. As I read through it for the first time now, I am overwhelmed by each offering of love, prayer and support that fills each page. I feel as though I am reading these words for the first time.

It is as if my heart has been cracked open again, this time not by the heaviness of heart ache or grief, rather by the powerful rush of love that seems to pour from each page I am reading in front of me. It wasn’t just Luka who was saved by the love, care and tenderness of so many. I imagine this is what the Grinch experiences just as he is about to toss his sleigh filled with stolen presents off of a cliff, and he hears the soft song of the whos down in whoville. The song seeps into his heart causing it to expand and nearly burst from his chest. Overwhelmed with a new sense of love and clarity, he heroically returns the gifts and joins the Whos in their whoville celebration. I feel like that. But a messy, human sobbing version.

Our story is not one of illness, tragedy, or pain. Underneath it all, ours is a story of love. A love that continues to rip through our own hearts and lives like a wild fire.

We have been so dedicated to holding a space of love and healing for our son, I am just now starting to understand how life has been offering us that same space.  

Over the last seven years, there have been so many moments that felt lonely, impossible, and hopeless. Looking back on all of it, I see now even in the darkest and scariest of moments, we were held in love.

Thank you for holding us all in your hearts, your prayers, and your arms. This is more than a story of a boy who is loved.  

This is a story of a world that loves.

Thank you for reminding us of the power and potency of love. Like a spark catching fire what was shared and offered years ago has ignited a fire in both of us, challenging us to show up in our own lives more fully and aligned in love. To be bold in our kindness, relentless in our love and focused on living a bold and authentic life.  

With deep love and gratitude,

Malory & Ryan Ogrizovich