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Rising Women Events

Community and Collaborative events to empower and embolden Women to rise up in their lives to live and lead with Confidence, Conviction, and Authenticity.

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Team & Study Group Retreats

Take your next study group trip or leadership outing to the next level. Take time out of the business together to connect more deeply individually and collectively as you strive to live and lead aligned with your intentions, values, and purpose.

Surround yourself by other leaders and individuals who are striving to live and lead to their fullest potential. It’s time to rise up alongside other high achieving leaders who are dedicated to deepening their own self awareness, communication, authenticity, and resiliency.



The Rising Women Workshop has been the most impactful workshop I’ve ever been to (including all of the other self improvement things that I do). I love the fact that there were real changes that occur immediately as a result of some of the techniques that Malory taught us. It also profoundly increased the relationships in the room and in our office. I really didn’t know much about most in the room, and my the end of the first session, I felt very connected and that I had made great friends. It surprised me how vulnerable most people were willing to get in order to see change in themselves. This workshop gave new reps a sense of belonging that I didn’t experience when I was first here.

Everyone was so grateful that Josh invested time in the women in our office.
— Heather Needham, Financial Advisor
This workshop came at the perfect time. It made me release that everyone has struggles internally and no one is perfect, even when it seems like they are on the outside. I loved how Malory asked thoughtful questions that really made you think. The purpose/mission statement exercise was incredible. Everyone should approach their purpose/mission statement in the way Malory does.
— -Hayley Peterson, Chief Operations Officer, Northwestern Mutual, The Kosnick Group
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Malory provided value from the moment that she entered the room. She helped us work on stress reduction techniques, change acceptance techniques and helped us discover our WHY/purpose for being a part of this business. This has been such a struggle for me over the 11 years that I have been working with NM. I am actually surprised that I am still here based on the fact that I was so disconnected with my purpose for doing this work.

I am thrilled that Josh invested in us and Malory. This workshop was so impactful for all of us in the room; the brand new rep to the 11 year veteran rep. I am very grateful for this experience.
— Carla Haubenschild, CLTC®, CLU
Malory did a great job of making us feel welcome and no pressure. You could share what you wanted when you wanted. I was shocked at how fast our group became open with each other. I felt Malory did a great job of helping us become vulnerable. This workshop was so beneficial.
— Megan Loppnow, Financial Representative
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Having someone guide you to convert what you think is negative into positives is important in this business. Having someone help you look inside, connect and move forward is empowering and important for continued growth and to help us be the best we can be.
— M Beth Thacker, MBA, CLTC®, CLU®, ChFC®, CFP®
Malory was a delightful and inspiring group lead that created a space for growth and sharing personal stories. Her 4 points surrounding the birth, growth, heroism and routine stages resonated with me. I would very much enjoy taking another workshop put on by Malory.
— Mary McShane
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“Wow... ok. After being here for the past three years, I’ve struggled often as to whether this industry was the right place for me. At the end of our 2nd session, I left feeling so peaceful and grateful for this opportunity to use the gifts I’ve been given to help people the way this career allows. I was blown away by how Malory helped me see this truth so clearly... even as I type this it brings tears to my eyes that I’ve been given such an incredible gift to help. I just didn’t see it in my prior team, and now its undeniable!

The tools used very much showed me I’m exactly where I’m meant to be, working with who I’m meant to be working with. It was truly an answer from God and I’m so grateful for our leadership for bringing Malory in.
— Joanna Burish, Financial Representative

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